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Pindan Capital was established in 2009 to make the most of a unique opportunity in the Australian property industry with investment opportunities across the country.

Pindan Capital is part of the Pindan Group of Companies, which is a fully integrated property and construction group established in 1977.

The fund specialises in residential and commercial developments as well as the purchase and management of income generating core assets such as office buildings, retail and industrial sites.

Currently, the fund has 12 projects under development within Australia with total sales values over A$450 million; plus a number of investment properties including two recently acquired core fund assets.

In addition, Pindan Capital has a number of development acquisitions in the pipeline which will further expand its fund and development portfolio.

Pindan Capital operates under a retail Australian Financial Services Licence which requires the following:

  •  A strong property and corporate based board with at least 50% being independent
  • Transparency via yearly independent audits and strict processes for conflicts of interest
  • Pindan Capital as the responsible entity must retain a minimum of A$500,000 of cash
  • Proven track record managing funds and delivery of property projects

Pindan Capital receives almost half of its investment from institutions, with the remaining investment comprising high new worth (HNW) individuals, superannuation funds, and overseas investors and individuals including immigration visa investors. For more info, see


Pindan Capital


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