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The Pindan Contracting division offers a complete construction service to the State’s booming resource and mining sector throughout regional and remote areas of Western Australia.

Contracting undertakes:

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Switched onto safety, Pindan Contracting implements sophisticated quality assurance, safe working practices and management systems in each project.

Backed by professional accreditation, Pindan Contracting is experiencing unprecedented demand for its services and enjoying a growing relationship with the Western Australian government, as well as the private sector.

Pindan Contracting has met the requirements of the Australian Government Building & Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme by the Federal Safety Commissioner.

Our contracting team prides itself on working closely with the local and indigenous communities to whom it is providing services, understanding and respecting their culture as well as helping to create jobs for those on-the-ground where they are working.

Thanks to its first-class work ethic, Pindan Contracting is now a permanent fixture in remote and regional Western Australia.


Pindan Contracting


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