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The Pindan Realty division can offer your development for sale in Perth in addition to project marketing, property management and strata management.

Our sales team is experienced in complex contractual documentation and have direct access to the Development Management & Constructions divisions involved in each development.

This results in a streamlined process when getting crucial sales “over the line”. It is yet another way that Pindan can offer a multi-faceted approach to developments by bringing clients, purchasers and eventually tenants together.

Pindan also  offers a value-added, hassle-free and professional property management & strata management service.

With the innate knowledge that only the builder can have, the Property Management team assures our clients the same best possible service and quality that is enjoyed throughout the construction phase. Who better to manage investments than the people who designed, constructed and sold it in the first place?

Download the Pindan Property Management brochure here

Pindan Realty is a member of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia and advertises property for sale and for rent in Perth on and

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